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SmartVent Installers Hastings Napier Hawkes Bay. Call Harkness Electrical Ltd Hastings

SmartVent Installers Hastings - Napier - Hawkes Bay.

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Electrical Company Hastings

Electrical Company Hastings Harkness Electrical Ltd also covering Napier and throughout Hawkes Bay. Harkness Electrical Hastings have supplied wiring, lighting, heating, home ventilation and general maintenance to the beautiful Hawkes Bay region for about twenty-five years now.

Colin Harkness is the man at the helm and during his many years leading the business, Harkness Electrical really have done it all.
Colin’s early years in the trade began in the ‘80s as an apprentice. Since then he’s seen the electrical industry take on new directions and new levels of sophistication. Innovative products, digital ware, smart technology, and systems designed to solve just about every electrical dilemma mean the range of skills required to be a ‘HarkySparky’ are more extensive than ever.

Not that the days of a simple rewire or kettle fix are over. Harkness still take care of appliance repairs and wiring jobs, and a diverse lot of other utility tasks. These necessary works are enmeshed in with the selection of services Harkness offer now, and into the future.

However, technology is ever-expanding and products such as SmartVent home ventilation, HeatTrans heat transfer, and heat pump systems are modern-day de rigeur for all healthy homes and Harkness are accredited to supply, install, and maintain these excellent brands as ordered.

Promoting systems that make life more comfortable, healthy, and convenient is a real pleasure for our team. And we know our installations are solidly backed by our knowledge of best practice ECANZ safety standards. Issues such as quality control, injury reporting, hazard identification, plant and product safety, staff training, and health and safety management are all integral to Harkness Electricals’ action plan.

The Harkness team an electrical company Hastings are a committed bunch, dedicated to offering our clients efficient and cost-effective electrical solutions, even in an emergency. We would love to meet you!

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Master Electricians Hastings: Harkness Electrical Ltd.Heat Pumps Installers Hastings Napier and throughout the Hawkes Bay.

Colin and Jan Harkness. Harkness Electrical Ltd. Electrical Company Hastings operating throughout the Hawkes Bay.
Colin Harkness: Owner Manager Electrical Company Hastings. Harkness Electrical Ltd.

“Josh and Sam from Harkness Electrical were an absolute pleasure to have come into our home to fix and install new power points.

They were chatty and easy to talk to and they did an excellent job.

The power points look fabulous, they left everything spick and span and span went out of their way to cut an opening in my desk to access the power points.

Highly Recommend this firm. Most professional. 10 out of 10.”

D Davis